We are one of the few hockey bars in Indianapolis and hockey is the only sport that we show. When we’re not showing hockey you will generally find our TVs tuned into wrestling (it’s not a sport, it’s sports entertainment!), BattleBots or B movies.

Trivia Obscura:
On the last Thursday of every month we present Triva Obscura, a Family Feud style bar trivia hosted by our very own Scott Wilson. Guaranteed to be the most inappropriate bar trivia night in the city, where your sick mind will finally be rewarded.

PBR Bingo:
If you suck at trivia and need a luck based game we got you covered. PBR Bingo night is hosted by hilarious local standup Willie Bostic. $250 in cash prizes and tons of PBR swag and it’s always free to play! Oh and PBR tall boys are on special for $2 all day!

We are big wrestling nerds here and we’ve taken our love for sports entertainment and made it a big part of our culture. We have a dedicated TV behind the bar that features the WWE Network and New Japan Pro Wrestling. If we are open for business we are showing wrestling. Classic matches from WWE, WCW, NJPW and a litany of smaller promotions are in rotation daily. We also show WWE Monday Night Raw, Smackdown, NXT and Lucha Underground on our big screens, live each week.

Rusty Sinks the Ship:
Local hip-hop legend and tastemaker, DJ Rusty, brings his eclectic style and musical tastes to the Sinking Ship once a month. We have geared this night towards our fellow industry brethren. This is a night for everyone from all walks of life to come in and let loose for a few hours and dance their asses off.

Board Games:
We keep a wide selection of board games handy for you and your buddies to pass the time with while enjoying a meal or just having a drink. All games can be found in the Sailor Jerry coffin near the entrance of the bar.

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