On the last Thursday of every month we have Trivia Obscura, a Family Feud style bar trivia hosted by Scott Wilson. Guaranteed to be the most inappropriate bar trivia night around, where your tasteless thinking will finally be rewarded. Come enjoy some craft beer and see how much useless shit you know.

We are one of the few hockey bars in Indianapolis that show NHL games but no other sports. When we’re not showing hockey our TVs are regularly showing a variety of weird B movies and wrestling. If you’re a fan of the Blackhawks, Red Wings, steel cage matches, or terrible low-budget films, we want to hang with you.

If you suck at trivia we also hold a PBR Bingo night hosted by the hilarious Willie Bostic.  Compete for $250 in cash and Pabst Blue Ribbon swag.  Always free to play, awesome prizes – you can’t lose.

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