Welcome to the Sinking Ship

 Call For Delivery/Carry Out Only

21+ Up

No you can’t bring your kids

Food, Beer, and Booze Delivery/Carry Out

1. Our delivery radius for now will be as far north as 86th Street, as far south as 38th, as far west as Michigan, and as far east as Binford.
2. Delivery fee will always be a flat $5. This is just to take care of our driver’s expenses. You can tip on your card or you may tip with cash.
3. Delivery orders are credit or debit only.
4. Carryout orders are normal menu price with no fees attached. You may pay for carryout orders with cash.
5. We CAN deliver beer and booze. We can also bring you cigarettes. Beer will remain at the bottle price we’ll sell in the store. PBR 6 packs are available for sell. Liquor bottles will be priced at liquor store mark up, but we will save you the trip. We are not marking up liquor to industry bar prices!
6. Gift cards and merchandise can be purchased at the bar or delivered with your food and booze.
☎️ You must call US at (317) 920-7999 for delivery and pickup, we are no longer offering walk-in carry out orders. Please call upon arrival and we will deliver to your car.☎️